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Since our inception, we've sought to be industry leaders in our coverage sectors. Our clientele include both local and global, start-up and established organisations - from government-owned entities to international fund managers.

Funds Management

We cover a range of roles within the funds management sector, with the majority centered around the front office. We cover all major asset classes across public and private markets including Australian/Global Equities, Fixed Income, Infrastructure, Private Equity, Private Credit and other alternatives.

  • Public Markets: Analyst, Associate, Portfolio Manager
  • Private Markets: Analyst, Associate, Associate Director, Director, Managing Director
  • ESG and Responsible Investment
  • Distribution, Key Accounts and Investment Specialist
  • C-Suite and Senior Management
  • Superannuation

In addition to working with infrastructure fund managers, we also work with corporates and government entities to build world-class investment teams. We are sector agnostic, working across transportation, utilities, communication, social infrastructure and energy including renewables.

  • Equity/Debt: Analyst, Associate, Associate Director, Director, Managing Director
  • C-Suite and Senior Management
Investment Banking & Sell-Side

Our firm covers a range of specialties on the sell-side, including:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Equity/Debt Capital Markets
  • Equity & Fixed Income Sales
  • Leveraged & Acquisition Finance
Wealth Management & Family Office

In the wealth sector, we specialise in adviser recruitment for both book runners and non-book runners, in addition to research and investment strategy teams. Roles encompass:

  • Wealth/Investment Advisors
  • Financial /Strategic Planners
  • Investment Research
  • Investment Strategy - TAA & SAA
  • Family Office - Analyst to CIO


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Deep Dive

Our clientele comprises start-ups, mid-market firms and global industry leaders. Take a deep dive into some of our coverage areas below.


Our roots in Infrastructure recruitment run deep. Since our inception, we've been a market leader in sourcing junior to senior professionals working on both greenfield and brownfield projects. Our clients range from funds management firms to corporates and government bodies engaged in developing or acquiring assets that are integral to the functioning of our modern world.

Recent Placements

Associate - Infrastructure Manager, $4.5Bn
Managing Director, Origination - Real Estate/Infrastructure Manager, $61Bn

Analyst, Infrastructure - State Government Body
  • Managing Director, Transport - Real Estate/Infrastructure Manager, $61Bn
  • Associate - Infrastructure Manager, $4.5Bn
  • Managing Director, Origination - Real Estate/Infrastructure Manager, $61Bn
  • Analyst, Infrastructure - State Government Body
300+ mandates
in infrastructure completed by our team
Brownfield, Greenfield, Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs), Renewables, Transportation, Utilities, Social Infrastructure


Our expertise in listed Equities recruitment dates back to 2007, and we've been instrumental in shaping some of Australia's most successful fund managers. From large to small cap funds investing in Australian and global companies, we understand the unique cultural and stylistic profiles that drive success in this sector. With Capital Executive Search, you're not just hiring talent; you're investing in the future of your fund.

Recent Placements
  • Portfolio Manager - Global Equities Manager, $9Bn
  • Senior Analyst - Global Equities Manager, $7Bn
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst - Australian Equities Manager, $8Bn
  • Portfolio Manager - Australian/Global Equities Manager, $12Bn
150+ mandates
in listed equities completed by our team.
Australian, Global, Emerging Markets, Value, Quality, Growth, Small-Cap, Mid-Cap, Large-Cap


Distribution is a key component of any successful funds management business, and an area we've been specialising in since 2011. From BDA to Head of Distribution roles, we understand the nuances involved in running a successful sales strategy through retail, wholesale, intermediary and institutional channels. Whether you're looking to enter a new channel or further your firm's existing presence, we can leverage our industry expertise to source the right talent to execute.

Recent Placements
  • Managing Director, Investor Relations - Infrastructure Manager, $20.3Bn
  • Investment Specialist - Global Equities Manager, $17Bn
  • Director, Institutional -Infrastructure Manager, $4.5Bn
  • Head of Private Capital - Private Equity Manager, $180M
30+ mandates
in distribution completed by our team.
Retail, Wholesale, Intermediary, Institutional, Investment Specialists, Investor Relations, Key Accounts, Relationship Managers

ESG/Responsible Investment

As the financial world increasingly prioritises diversity, sustainability and responsible investment, our focus on ESG is more critical than ever. Despite being a relatively newer field in the world of financial services, we're committed to leading this space, helping our clients build teams that align profitability with responsibility.

Recent Placements
  • Head of ESG - Global Equities Manager, $17Bn
  • Senior Manager, Responsible Investment - Industry Superannuation Fund, $38Bn
  • Senior ESG Analyst - Global Equities Manager, $17Bn
  • ESG Analyst - Listed Equities/Infrastructure Manager, $10Bn
10+ mandates
in ESG/Responsible Investment completed by our team.
ESG, Responsible Investment, Stewardship, Sustainability, Investment Analysts

Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking specialty was born out of our strong presence in the infrastructure space, diversifying away from funds management into M&A, corporate advisory and capital markets. Since then, we've built strong relationships with a range of players in the market from local boutiques to global banks. Whether you're looking for an Analyst or a Managing Director, our rigorous vetting process ensure you get the right fit for your team.

Recent Placements
  • Associate (Utilities, Transport & Infrastructure) - Global IB
  • Director (Infrastructure, Energy, Real Estate) - Mid-Market IB
  • Associate (General Industrials) - Boutique IB
  • Analyst (Infrastructure, Energy, Resources) - Boutique IB
mandates in Investment Banking run by our team.
Infrastructure, Energy, Resources, FIIG, Healthcare, Consumer Retail, Industrials, Real Estate + more

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